Making A Difference in The Community.

As a growing and innovative organisation Friends of Fairlands Farm CIC offers a wide range of opportunities and works with a broad range of services in and around the Stevenage area. If you have any experience, interest or skills that you wish to contribute, we would be happy to hear from you.

As well as specific positions we need to fill, we are looking to recruit volunteers who can assist with our events, fundraising and restoring the farm.

We are currently looking at rewarding our volunteers with Time Credits, which can be spent in various ways, to thank our volunteers for their participation.

If you feel you can help in any way, register below. We can then let you know of our opportunities as they become available.

"I started volunteering with Fairlands Farm a few months back and since then appreciating the best volunteering opportunity. Volunteering with Fairlands Farm makes me so happy, there’s a freedom of expression, I can do work in my own time, I learnt a lot from the diverse talent pool of Fairlands Farm. I am looking forward to continuing venturing with Fairlands long-term."

- Prarthna Sahu (October 2020)

In 2018. we won a place at 48in48.org's first event in the UK. The event was sponsored by Delta Airlines. On the weekend of the event, we travelled to IBM headquarters at Southbank, London. IBM volunteers helped create this website, and we learnt new skills.

48in48 London 2018
Road 9 Walk

In 2019 Cllr Simon Speller, a keen local historian, self-confessed technophobe, then-Mayor of Stevenage and a friend of Fairlands Farm, set out a Stevenage History Fortnight. We helped promote this to local residents and attended several events.
In his Fairlands Valley walk, he relayed the circumstances of 'Road 9' and how the plans for that were ultimately defeated by the resilience of the local community.
The community engagement activity fed into the narrative of the Mayor's charity concert.

Events of 2020 created a massive shift in our volunteer involvement. Public health measures prevented many events from taking place. Nevertheless, it enabled us to have access to a much broader pool of volunteers.

In February, we had mooted a virtual Stevenage Day to compliment the annual event at King George V Playing Fields. We recruited local support and engaged volunteers from across the UK who recognised the social value of our plans. It resulted in a successful distraction from the bleakness of the pandemic's effect.

Of the artists who volunteered to participate in our events, one has since had a number one single. Another achieved a level of confidence to undertake live online public performances.

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