Stories of Fairlands Farm

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Stevenage Voices
Margaret Ashby

Stevenage Voices
by Margaret Ashby
ISBN: 9780752415932

While seeking out the past we've heard several wonderous stories about the farm and Fairlands Valley from residents, visitors and descendants of former inhabitants.

Italian and German Prisoners of War helping at harvest, cows escaping from the fields to wreak havoc down the newly built Telford Avenue, the 97-year-old apple scrumper, the mystery of the missing gravestone and the farmer's romance with the school secretary are just a few.

Funny or sad, real or imaginary, we would love to hear your tale.

Send your Fairlands Farm memories below to read a little more of Eric Claxton's memories of Stevenage Development Corporation's collaborations with local farmers.

You will also receive a link for a free pdf download of E.M. Forster's novel Howard's End.

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Our appreciation goes to Margaret Ashby and the Marriott family for their kind permissions to record Stanley Marriott's wartime recollections.

Click play to hear one such tale read by a pupil from Marriotts School.